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wallpaper patterns 1920x1080

Twilight storm Amon Amarth thunder god  robots digital art  abstract Alex Ruiz  airplanes pinups

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wallpaper patterns 1920x1080 quality desktop background

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Image Size: 750 KB
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We remind that all wallpapers are user uploads. We do not possess any larger image sizes. If you wish to scale images use software on your computer or try resizing software.

How Wallpapers are Making the World a Better Place

Sounds amazing but could it be true? Why yes. Maybe you have been searching (and hopefully found) for some motivational wallpapers on the internet. These wallpapers can make world a better place because this quote or/and inspiring picture can spark positive emotions in you. You may know that we can achieve so much if our attitude is in place.

You may be sceptical about motivational wallpapers but what about nature, landscapes and exotic animals. You won't put a landfill photo as your background, would you? We tend to choose beatiful sights. We also like exotic pictures, wheather an animal or buildings or landscapes. These all have one in common, they widen our horizon (understanding of the world) therefore we become more tolerant, more caring. At least at the subconsious level of our brains.

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