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Keeping up with mom horses 1 mare photography equ 1280x800

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Keeping up with mom horses 1 mare photography equine horse colt photo animal foal wide screen 1280x800 quality desktop background

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Image Size: 186 KB
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5 Tips to Become the MacGyver of Photographies

If you consider taking photograph as a hobby or you already do and you want to go full time on it, here are some fundamental tips for both beginner and with some experience.

  1. Don't start it buying the most expensive equipment (camera and all accessories). It is possible to take good quality photographs with really cheap cameras. The more pictures you will take the more experience you will have and then you will start to notice what do you lack and then you will upgrade step by step.
  2. Learn the basics. There are some good articles online you can read to get the basic rules about taking pictures. Having good fundamentals saves a lot of time and stress.
  3. Have your camera always near. This way you start to notice more interesting moments and start taking pictures. You won't miss good moments.
  4. Try experimenting with camera settings. Even simplest cameras have quite a lot of different options. Try them, google what it does if you need.
  5. Enjoy the learning process. Every hobby/ work requires some learning. You will definitely have to learn beginner or pro. If you look forward to trying out new things you will end up being really great photographer. Don't get upset if you don't get something right or it feel awkward at  first. You will get used to new skills and they will come in handy in the future.

Animals are cute


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