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Dogs loyal friends cute smart dog 1920x1080

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Dogs loyal friends cute smart dog 1920x1080 quality desktop background

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Dog, such nice pet

A dog is a domestic animal kept by man for different reasons for many years it has been a man’s companion and it was the first animal kept by man. Many people keep dogs for: security, hunting general work and some keep it as a companion depending on the Retriver.germany sherpard ,yorkshir breed of the dog.

There are five main breeds of dogs namely: Labrador terrier,golden retriever and bulldog.a dog has a life span 0f 10-14 years. The scientific name for dog is curios lupus familiaris. 

Dogs have formed such a strong bond with man that they have been nicknamed “man’s best friend” they are said to be about 400.000 in the world. They are very sensitive than man since they can hear or four times far their distance

They also have the ability to smell. They can differentiate the concentrations of different types of smell. Dogs have special names like female dogs are called bitches while young ones less than one year are called puppies. Puppies in a group are referred to as a litter.

Science argues that dogs have been domesticated for the past 15000 years though experts oppose this idea. Labrador is the most common breed dew to its gentle nature, a lot of energy, cleverness and obedience. They also make a nice home pet; though they bare also reliable workers .most police officers use these types of dogs as dog guides.

Human beings also keep various breeds of dogs train them and enter them into different completions like racing and sled pulling. Germany sherpered is a good example of dog s breed used here.

There are few dog facts that seem funny though they are scientifically proven:

  • Dogs don’t enjoy being hugged unlike other pets.
  • Two stray dogs in Afghanistan saved 50 American soldiers.
  • Service dogs are trained and know when their duty is and many more tasks.

Domestic dogs are easy to domesticate since they are omnivorous and mostly the do eat what human beings eat. Generally they are good friends of man and do help a lot.

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