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Colors of nature picture beautiful 1024x768

lonely dog  lovely playful puppy bubbles beautiful animals puppies pretty sweet face pay beauty dogs cute adorablesummer bird  animals branch naturesnowflakes on my sweater  christmas nature young girl beautiful white blonde winterthis is my gift  ribbon christmas kitten cute kitty photography gold love bow cat golden adorable

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Colors of nature picture beautiful 1024x768 quality desktop background

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3 things citizens forgot about nature

If you life in bustling city and all arround you see only skyscrapers and traffic on the streets then you may have forgotten some amazing things about being in nature.

  1. It is calm in nature. You can sit by the tree, sun is shining to your face. You can slow down, enjoy the moment and listen to wonderful sounds of nature.
  2. Good for your health and sleep. Do you remember that trees generate oxygen? We get used to dirty air in big cities. Bad air can affect our mood and health. Also polluted air may envoke skin or lung alergies. Take few deep breaths in nature and feel how your body cleans up, how light and happy you become. Deep breathing also helps coping with sleeping disorders
  3. Inspire creativity. Seeing everything in such perfect harmony can spark many great ideas. Do you know that many well known inventions are merely copies of nature.

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