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Beautiful nature landscape view natural untouched 1920x1080

leaves lips nature red simple backgroundbeautiful nature landscape view natural untouched beauty rose bloom dropped to water splash love hurtsnature ocean sea wavesbeautiful nature landscape view natural untouched beauty violet flower close up

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Beautiful nature landscape view natural untouched beauty arabic city of meka at night 1920x1080 quality desktop background

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3 things citizens forgot about nature

If you life in bustling city and all arround you see only skyscrapers and traffic on the streets then you may have forgotten some amazing things about being in nature.

  1. It is calm in nature. You can sit by the tree, sun is shining to your face. You can slow down, enjoy the moment and listen to wonderful sounds of nature.
  2. Good for your health and sleep. Do you remember that trees generate oxygen? We get used to dirty air in big cities. Bad air can affect our mood and health. Also polluted air may envoke skin or lung alergies. Take few deep breaths in nature and feel how your body cleans up, how light and happy you become. Deep breathing also helps coping with sleeping disorders
  3. Inspire creativity. Seeing everything in such perfect harmony can spark many great ideas. Do you know that many well known inventions are merely copies of nature.


Landscapes can turn an old hostile piece of land into a beautiful masterpiece! This is the basic thing what everyone knows about landscaping. But there's something more to it! Unless and until you prepare yourself for this venture, you cannot accomplish it in the right way! Just imagine how every now and then you had to halt your work in the middle in order to get something that you forgot.

Here's something that everyone should know before landscaping:

  • Make a list of everything that you want in landscaping. It is because nothing is more annoying than halting the work in the middle every time to get something that you forgot.
  • Hire a professional landscaper if possible. But wait a minute. This isn't as easy it reads. It involves a lot more than you have ever imagined. Ask for some references. You can ask your neighbours or friends. You can even browse through the internet and get some good references. You can even cross check the portfolio of the landscapes company concerned by asking some of its previous clients.
  • Do not make it monotonous; rather add variety to your landscapes pattern. You can even go for hard landscaping features like walking paths, pools, fountains, etc. These won't cost much also. All you need is a shovel and some handy tools.
  • If you want to include new plants in your landscapes, choose as per your climate and soil condition. Plants have their own growth territory. They grow proficiently if the required growth condition is provided to them. Check the climatic of your area, salinity, pH and nutrient constituency of the soil before planting. You can even take the help of any expert.
  • Leave ample of space, if you are planting a small sapling now. If you have built a fountain and are planting small saplings all around it, make sure it looks the best after when the plants grow fully. Taking the growth of the plants into consideration, and plant them accordingly, because once they adhere to the soil, you can't relocate them to a new place.
  • Know your plants well! Always trim them off and maintain them in a good shape. Uproot all the unwanted weeds and grasses, as these continuously grow in the lawns and gardens. Even poisonous plants grow within the garden and if you have small children to allergic people in your house, it can be a huge problem for them. In that case, don't let them grow in your vicinity at all. Uproot them whenever you see them shooting up.

Got all the landscapes points? Now start your work with full preparation and make a beautiful masterpiece out of your rugged terrain.

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