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Abstract 1680x1050 quality desktop background

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About abstact art

Abstract art is a form of artwork that is not drawn from a recognizable reality but instead achieves its effect by use of forms, shapes, colors and textures. The word "abstract" itself means separating or removing something from something else from which the idea of the artist arriving at a simplified form from some visible and real elements comes. The term "abstract" is also used to describe art that has no relationship at all with anything in the external reality. Artists in this field, though, prefer using terms such as non-objective art or concrete art to describe their work.

Behind abstract art are a couple of theoretical ideas which include:

  • Art for the sake of art- In this case, it is believed that art should be specifically meant for its appearance and beauty other than relevance and usefulness, as in, fine art.
  • Art should/can be like music- Some artists think that, just like a piece of music is made up of sound patterns, abstract art should be made up of patterns of forms, colors, textures, lines and shapes.
  • Art representing the spiritual mysteries- According to Pato, a philosopher from the ancient Greek, beauty at its highest form comes from imaginary things and geometry and not from things that exist in the physical world.
  • Generally, abstract art is taken to be a carrier of moral dimension, in that it is seen to be standing for the virtues; order, purity, spirituality and simplicity.

Abstract art has a long history from the ancient times and still in the 21st century its practice is high. According to Theodor W. Ardono, the ever-growing prevalence of abstract art in the modern world is a reflection of, and a response to, social relations abstraction growth in industrial society. Frederic Jameson similarly thinks abstraction in the present world is a function of abstract money power equating all things as exchange values equally.

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