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Camaro Chevrolet black cars evil 3000x1500

Camaro Chevrolet Chevrolet Camaro renders scarletDodge Dodge Charger SRT8 cars tuning yellow1955 Chevrolet Bel Air air cars retroCoffy coffee cups

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Camaro Chevrolet black cars evil 3000x1500 quality desktop background

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The Best Ways to Use Cars

We are so used to cars that we think as a body part. But most cases car is a solid financial commitment. Fuel costs, car maintains, insurance and etc. All sums up pretty fast. Here are some tips how you could ease the load for your wallet:

  1. Carpool. Taking passengers can earn you few bucks on your ride from/to work and can also earn you some friends. You could also ride the carpool lane on the road to avoid some traffic jams.
  2. Avoid driving short distances. If you need to go to shop which is 5 minutes away from home, just walk instead. You will exercise and save fuel. If you live in colder area you will save some time. You won't need to wife the snow off your car and scratch the ice off your car windows. Engineers agree that short car rides (only few miles) can have negative inpact on the car as the car had too little time to heat up and then humidity concentrates inside.
  3. Choose most efficient speed. Do you know that most of the cars drive most efficiently at arround 55 MPH  (~90KMH). This way you will drive safer and save some cash on the fuel.

Historic And Modern Cars

History on Cars

In the 18th century, the cars back then looked nothing like the cars we operate today. Cars created in the 18th century were actually wagons connected to steam engines. The steam engines contained an extreme amount of weight and which causes functionality issues and slow movement of the wagons. By the 19th century, the functionality of the wagons had been improved. The modernism of cars did not actually surface until the 20th century where electric powered cars were invented, however the functionality was still not quite up to part the cars/wagon still operated slow with functionality problems until later on revived. We have come a long way since the 1800's and the modern design and display of cars is extradinary and is a great benefit to people all over the world.

Modern Types of Cars

Cars are and necessity used to transport passengers, most cars have four wheels. There are similar names used for cars such as automobiles and vehicles. All cars contain an internal combustible engine, which causes the functionality of the car. Cars come in many sizes, colors, shapes, brands and models. The different types of cars range from small compact cars, which hold only 2-4 passengers, a family station wagon that holds from 4-9 passengers and is a great benefit for big families. A van is also a great car great for big families as well they usually can hold 5-10 passengers, 5-12 passengers, or maybe more depending on the size of the van. A pickup truck is a car great for workloads and is usually used for working purposes for medium size loads, plumbing jobs, small moving jobs and delivery.

Fuel Operated Cars/Battery & Electric Powered Cars

Most cars require fuel to operate, while newer cars such as battery powered and electrical cars just require a basic charge to operate, Battery powered cars do not contain an internal combustion engine. Electric cars are similar to battery-powered car, but are powered through a collector system from electricity that is transferred from off vehicle sources or may contain a battery or generator that can be transformed from fuel to electricity.

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