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Audi RS6 Avant 1920x1358

Audi RS6 AvantAudi RS6 AvantAudi RS6 AvantRange Rover cars

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Audi RS6 Avant 1920x1358 quality desktop background

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Short history of Audi car maker

Audi is one of the relishing and classy cars of the day. It is one of the grand cars of today, which make your travel a luxury.

Audi Aktiengesellschaft, headed by the Volkswagen is the most ravishing car of today. It was originated in the year 1885 by an automobile company wanderer, which after wards became a branch of Audi Ad. Mentioning of the vehicle bodies of Audi, the most important charactaristics of Audi is the corrosion free cars that is the galvanised cars. They were the first in the era to introduce such kind of cars. The porcess is known to have porsche form the year of 1975. It is the zinc coating over the enitre body which helps out in preventing the rust over the vehicle body. The long lasting of the body vehicle proved out to be really exceptional, and hence the original waranty of the car was increased from a period of ten years upto a period of twelve years. However there was an exception to the vehicle, having aluminium bodies, and the best part of those are that aluminuim never corrode. In the middle of 1990s, a new series of vehicles were introduced by the Audi which were a great step in the field of modern technology. The first effort of Audi was the type 44 chassis, which had an aluminum frame work. The quatro four wheel drive system contributes to the reduction of weight. The disadvantage of this frame work was that aluminium is very costly to repair and requires an aluminium body shop. Finally in the year of 1994, the Audi A8 was launched which had an all alluminium body and the model also introduced a new technology that is the space frame technology. It helps in saving the wight upto a great extent and the torsion is improved a great deal as well, in comparison to the usual steel frame works. The A8 had the lightest weight, and this contributes a lot in making your travel a luxurious one.
The popularity of Audi grew immensely along with its sales in 2000. Audi has the largest number of sales in the countries of Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East.

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