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I bet at some point you had the thought that there are plenty of various wallpapers on the internet and so it is hard to choose. We often spend a lot of time googling for wallpapers, browsing website categories or searching for specific wallpapers one by one that we wish decorate our desktop with. Luckily, Those days are over. Below you can see wallpaper collections. We make it more convenient so we spent quite some time, browsed our galleries and grouped wallpapers by theme. How cool is that? Just choose your topic and dive in to the pool of great wallpapers.

New collections will be added every few days and will feature wild animals, cute animals, silly pets, nature, cars, buildings, space and so on. Then we plan to dig deeper and categorize even more - for example we choose nature and create collections of beach sunsets only. Or choose cars and create sports cars only.
If you have ideas how to make collections more relevant or have you browsed collections and can't find theme you love feel free to write us. Also, you can get collection started by uploading images to our site. After censorship review they go public and they have a change of appearing in our collections.

Collections list (30 themes, 8 pages)

Sleepy lazy dogs

Sleepy lazy dogs

2 Images 835 Views

Long winter evening waiting for your master to get home. No wonder it gets boring ... and sleepy. Let's take a quick nap... or two.  At least these dogs think so.
Do you know that dogs live 10-15 years (smaller dog breeds live longer)...

Added: Friday 12, December 2014
Dog puppies are the prettiest

We are back with more collections. This time it's dog time or cute puppies to be specific. We browsed our galleries and these angels were the most charming ones.

This i s12 photographies collection having dogs caught on everyday activit...

Added: Friday 12, December 2014
Unusual friendships

Unusual friendships

16 Images 2220 Views

Different animals spiecies rarely become friends. Especially if one is above in the food chain. These pictures state the opposite. Even strangest friendships could happen. Big thanks for picture you uploaded. Keep it up.

Some of the weirest...

Added: Friday 05, December 2014
Birds in cold freezing winter

Most of the birds fly to south for better life in winter. Although some stay here. And they look cold. Poor little creatures.

Added: Sunday 30, November 2014