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our best friends - dogs

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Added: Wednesday 12, November 2014
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It is a fact that dogs are human best friends. They are very loyal companions and great friends. Furthermore, they are very cute. Of course, every person prefers different breed and therefore he loves the looks of that dog more. People tend to love familiar things. So most of us love dogs which our relatives or friends have. Even celebrity role models infuence us choosing dogs. Also TV can have affect on dog breed fashions. Do you remember Lassie? After TV aired stories of this loyal and smart dog, pet lovers started petting Collie. This fashion was alive for even couple of decades. Now, we can hardly see anyone owning on. It is basically influenced by people priorities. Now we want to spend little time on dog care and have clean homes. Collies hardly fit this description if you keep dog indoors. Poodles are a better match there.


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