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Hey! Welcome to the Here you will find many amazing wallpapers - from planes to cartoons or animals. Try browsing the categories or try hitting the search. Don't know what you want? Check out what other users loved - top rated or top viewed sections (navigation on top). Or you can try random wallpapers. If it's not what you want, just hit load more. Another pack of suggested background will pop out.
We are new but rapidly growing community. At this moment we have a wide choice of quality wallpapers. All the credit goes to our dear visitors who kindly upload all the images to this site.
We can not publish all upload because quite a lot of them are not compliant with our rules or have poor quality. Sadly, around 41% per cent were archived due to this reason. We frown upon racist, offensive and adult content. We kindly ask uploaders to post images that could be freely shared amongst internet users (are not restricted by any copyright). If you find any content that mistakenly appeared on our site and you want it removed, notify us!
You could notice that we use advertisement as the source of income, mostly Adsence (Google). We are obliged to keep our content clean and useful. It is obvious that we display advertisement in order to fund our hosting and buy work force to improve our content quality. We take time and re-filter images one by one, assign tags and synonyms for easier navigation. You may notice some of the content still lack description. In time we plan to edit all pages and further increase our overall image quality.
Also we are sharing images on main social sites like facebook, tumblr, twitter, google plus, pinterest, we heart it. If you don't find our page on your most used social platform, please write us.
We have recently come, in our opinion, with a great idea that we bet you will enjoy. We started image collection blog of the website or in short collections. One is created by searching our database for wallpapers by theme we think would be interesting and then we group images together. The result a set of the most beautiful images which are displayed inone page. As a bonus, we archive (ZIP) collection images to single image pack, easy to download with a one mouse click. In time we also create and attach Windows 8/8.1 theme file made of images in collection.
For each uploaded wallpaper we created various sizes. Those are optimized for all possible platforms - desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets. Most of resolutions are well know - 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 1366x768, 1280x1024, 640x960 and so on. In wallpaper details page we list all possess we resolutions, so you can choose the most fitting. If you use desktop version of the site, you may hover on question sign at the top navigation, just left of the search input. If you have any problems to download wallpapers, we have simple tips that might help.

Most upvoted wallpapers

together  animal water goose lake nature duck river

together animal water goose lake ...

muffins My Little Pony Derpy Hooves Princess Luna

muffins My Little Pony Derpy Hoov ...

Ghost creepy digital art grayscale monochrome

Ghost creepy digital art grayscal ...

The King angry black and white

The King angry black and white

mabry mill blue ridge parkway virginia  flowers bush trees serenity forest water tranquility calmness quiet lake beautiful reflection roses nature pond spring summer

mabry mill blue ridge parkway vir ...

rough sea  sky beautiful coast amazing wave clouds rocks sunset

rough sea sky beautiful coast am ...

Lamborghini Lamborghini Aventador Tron neon lights supercars

Lamborghini Lamborghini Aventador ...

lindsey pelas  10 picture girl 2014 07 linsey model

lindsey pelas 10 picture girl 20 ...

spring  model lady beauty

spring model lady beauty

Hot wallpapers

Arash cars

Arash cars

Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones Thirteen

Daenerys Targaryen Game of Throne ...

Bijuu Hachibi Naruto: Shippuden Shukaku kyubi

Bijuu Hachibi Naruto: Shippuden S ...

Pichu Pokemon

Pichu Pokemon

backgrounds blue and black

backgrounds blue and black

3D HDR photography aircraft skies surreal

3D HDR photography aircraft skies ...

outer space planets nebulae surreal asteroids

outer space planets nebulae surre ...

Dragon Ball Z Moon Son Goku Super Saiyan evolution

Dragon Ball Z Moon Son Goku Super ...

gold textures

gold textures